Soap Ingredients

Main Ingredients in each soap...

Natural Spring Water

We have sourced our Spring Water from Wenlock Spring. Wenlock Spring bottle their water at source on Wenlock Edge, which is about 20 miles Magpie Hill HQ.

Organic Coconut Oil

I use Organic Coconut Oil, which is known for it's beneficial properties for use on skin as it contains numerous nutrients and minerals. The oil can also work to remove dirt and dead skin cells from the skin. It also gives a great lather and produces a nice hard bar when used in soap.

Shea Butter

Without getting too technical, Shea butter is a rich and effective natural moisturiser, using it for making soap is perfect because it is easily absorbed and will help to feed and soften the skin

Olive Pomace Oil

Pomace oil is made extracting the last bits of fats and oils left over from pressing Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Pomace Olive Oil gives a rich feel and a nice hard soap bar.

Lye / Caustic Soda / Sodium Hydroxide

"Oh my word, Caustic soda!" Well yes! Making handmade soap without caustic soda is like making a cake without milk or flour. Mixing acids (oils) with an alkaline (Caustic Soda) in precise proportions produce a chemical reaction called saponification, resulting in...soap!

But panic not, when the soap is ready to be sold there is no caustic soda left in the soap (hence why I leave my soaps to 'cure' for 4 weeks)

Additional Ingredients...


Glycerin is a by-product of my cold-processed soap. Glycerin is usually extracted from cheap high street soaps and sold onto be use in more profit producing creams and moisturisers. Keeping the naturally occurring Glycerin in my soaps helps skin stay smooth and well hydrated and is a humectant, meaning it attracts moisture to your skin.


Some of the soaps have been coloured with natural ingredients, such as Cocoa Powder, Turmeric, Paprika, and Peppermint Powder. (See our soap shop for details.) For the other coloured soaps I use an coloured oxide powder, the added colour will show up on your ingredients label, for example, as 'Cl123456', this just the code for the colour used

Please note that our Gentle Baby Soap and our Honey and Oatmeal soaps do not contain any added colours in any form.

Essential Oils / Fragrance Oils

I use a selection of high quality Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils. You will always see on the soap label when Essential Oils or Fragrance Oils have been used.

Our Gentle Baby Soap and Honey and Oatmeal soap do not contain Essential Oils or Fragrance Oils. 

Extra Beneficial Ingredients

In a few of the soaps for sale, you will find some extra added goodness, such as Oats, Poppy Seeds or coffee! These extras will made for a gentle exfoliating soap, perfect for removing dead skin cells and dirt.